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Accountability Coaching


Grab your personalized virtual coaching! You’ll get one-on-one advice and support from seasoned writers. Make accountability happen in your life.


We’ve created an email coaching program. Why? With kids it’s hard to get on the phone and let’s face it, some of us are introverts or millennials that just don’t want to.

But we all write, and email requires writing, so that’s how our idea for email accountability coaching was born.

Here’s how it works. You can ask any writing question and get our advice. We’ll also check in with you to see how your writing progress is coming along. If you’d rather use the time to get feedback on your first five hundred words, we can do that too.

You’ll get two email coaching sessions for two weeks in a row. We guarantee you a thoughtful and motivating response to inspire you to keep writing.

No need to lose yourself on Facebook or Instagram for hours. Just ask us your questions, share a bit of your work and get feedback or let us know what you need. We’ll lend our virtual ear and share what we’ve learned as writers over the years.

We will save you valuable time because you’ll have a coach to help and support you when you need a question answered, a kick in the pants to write, and build your writing confidence. You are a writer. We want to help you be SUCCESSFUL!

Ready to get started?

For four email coaching sessions over the course of two weeks, we are offering a limited time launch rate of $25 total!

That’s less than one month at the gym.

We can’t wait to hear from you and are super excited to help you make your writing dreams come true!

P.S. Are you writing?

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